Auction & Dates

Register to get a better deal

Register by August 20, 2019!

iChoosr will bundle all of the registered households and present them as a group to electricity providers. On August 20th, we'll conduct an auction in which electricity providers bid against each other to see which has the lowest offer.

We hold 3 auctions a year: in the Spring, Summer and Winter. If you're unsure about which round of Texas Power Switch you should join because you're currently under a contract, please send us an email and we'll help you out!

Which providers can participate?

All interested electricity providers can subscribe to participate in the auction, but only those that meet our specific quality requirements make the cut. It's our way of ensuring you get a smooth and reliable switch.

After the auction

We'll send you a personal offer with the winning bid by Friday September 6, 2019, and you'll have until September 24th to decide if you want to accept. If you decide to switch, iChoosr will take care of the process and also notify your current provider.

There is absolutely no obligation to accept the rate offered. If you choose not to accept the offer, you won’t receive further information about this round of registration. We will keep you informed of future auctions.