Who can participate

Residents in deregulated service areas

In order to join, you have to be within a deregulated service area, and with one of the following TDU's:

  • Oncor
  • Centerpoint
  • TNMP
  • AEP Texas Central

To see if you are in one of these utility areas, your can check your monthly bill. It should have the toll-free emergency number for outages and very likely the name of your utility. You can also check the Texas utility area map here.

Residents of non-deregulated areas

In some areas of Texas, municipalities and cooperatives did not participate in the 1999 deregulation. Households in those areas may not qualify to choose their own electricity provider, and therefore cannot take part in the program.

Credit approval

Participants may not be eligible to switch based on credit approval by the winning electric company, however they’ll be presented with alternatives to ensure their enrollment.