How does it work

Here you’ll find information on how the Texas Power Switch works in your city:


Anyone who is interested in a cheaper electricity contract can register before January 8, 2019. Registration is always free, and without any obligation.


On January 8th, we will hold an auction in which providers can offer their best rates. The provider that offers the lowest rate wins the auction.

Personal Offer:

Starting on January 22nd, we will be sending out personal offers with the auction results. Your personal offer will be based on your household’s energy consumption, with the winning rates from the auction. In previous programs, households saved over $350/year. You decide whether you want to accept your personal offer, or not: there is no obligation.

Last but not least, if you tell us your contract end date, we will check if you can make the switch to avoid an early termination fee from your current provider.

Sign up, and find out how much you can save once you receive your personal offer.

More information

The Texas Power Switch is an independent group energy switching program in which cities and towns throughout Texas join forces to offer their residents the opportunity to group together and pay less for electricity. This switching program, administered by iChoosr, LLC, will work to obtain competitive electricity rates for Texas residents while making the transition from one provider to another as smooth and simple as possible. The more people who take part, the greater our chances are of obtaining a competitive energy rate.