Auction results & Winning provider

Auction results

The auction was a great success, and we’re pleased to announce that after 8 rounds Express Energy submitted the lowest rate and won the auction for the first time!

With the success of the auction, we have decided to keep the registration site open to give even more Texans the opportunity to save. If you haven’t registered yet, you can still do so via the Sign up today link.

You can expect your personal offer after you complete your registration to let you know what the winning rate is, and how much you could save by switching , so make sure to tell your friends and neighbors to register as well.

About Express Energy

"Express Energy is all about simplicity and a streamlined online shopping experience for Texas electricity customers. ‘No Frills. Low Bills.’ means we keep costs low and pass those savings on to you. Your electricity will still come through the same poles and wires as the more expensive and flashy brands, so you’ll get the same reliability of electricity service. The only difference is you pay less with Express. "

"Express Energy offers 100% online account management making it convenient for you to manage your account on your schedule and makes it possible for us to offer some of the best rates in the market.”

Understanding your Electricity Bill

The Provider Energy Charge is the amount of electricity used multiplied by the rate charged by the provider per kWh; this rate is set by the provider and can be fixed or variable.
*Some providers may also charge a monthly base charge (or flat fee) in addition to the price charged per kWh.

The TDU/TDSP Delivery Charges may include building, maintaining and operating power lines that deliver electricity to your home, reading your meter and ensuring it works properly; these charges are set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and are charged to every customer, regardless of provider. These charges vary by TDU/TDSP area and typically consist of a fixed monthly base charge and charge per kWh.

During the auction, providers competed to offer the lowest Provider Energy Charge.

The winning rate:

  • Has no base charge per month.
  • Includes a low, fixed rate per kWh, regardless of your usage
  • Has no usage based penalties or tiered rates
  • Includes a reduced termination fee
  • Has an extended switch window, so even if you are locked into a contract until January 21st, 2020, you can still switch to this rate plan.

To illustrate how good the winning rates are, we have provided a comparison of the winning Energy Charges with the average Energy Charges of 5 well-known providers for a similar rate plan.

  • The winning rate's fixed Provider Energy Charge is 27 percent cheaper than the average of those in today's market for a similar rate plan.
  • The amount you can save depends on your annual usage: The higher your usage, the higher your savings will be.
  • For example: households that use on average 12.000 kWh per year will save approximately $333 and households that use 17.000 kWh can expect to save around $377 per year.

Price Protection
With the winning offer, you can lock in a competitive electricity rate that allows you to pay the same price per kWh for the next 12 months, even if market prices fluctuate. With fixed-price electricity, there are no energy bill surprises! You will enjoy the security and convenience of knowing that your rate won't change for an entire year.

Remember, you will receive your personal offer once you complete your registration, so keep an eye on your email inbox.

Again, we are keeping the registration site open to give more Texans the opportunity to save. If you have not registered yet, you can still do so via the Sign up today link.